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Quickly manage your nervous system

"The state of your nervous system in each moment is a force multiplier for reaching your greatest potential.”Jonny Miller

About Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller is an entrepreneur, teacher, podcast host, and an expert in nervous system management for high-performers such as entrepreneurs, executives, and busy professionals. His journey toward nervous system mastery stemmed from his personal experience as an entrepreneur, and also from a tragic loss in his life.

In 2017, Jonny's fiancée suffered from an anxiety attack — the changes in her brain chemistry in that moment led her to the misguided conclusion that she needed to take her own life.

Since then, Jonny has come to believe that if she and others like her had known about and had access to self-regulation practices, these tragedies could be avoided. That's led him to create courses on nervous system management, including this five lesson primer on how to manage your nervous system.

What you will learn

Jonny has conducted hundreds of hours of research and distilled it into five brief lessons packed full of practical knowledge. By the end of these lessons, you'll have tools you can use to immediately control your nervous system, regardless of how busy and chaotic your days may be. Here is the five lesson curriculum for this self-guided course.