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"My ultimate goal is to reduce the number of street dogs in the world by fifty percent."
Niall Harbison

Who is Niall Harbison?

Niall Harbison is an Irish entrepreneur, author, and digital marketer. He is the co-founder of Lovin Dublin, a popular digital media platform that covers food, drink, and lifestyle in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to his work with Lovin Dublin, Harbison co-founded Simply Zesty, a digital marketing agency that he later sold to UTV Media.

More recently, Harbison has turned his attention to helping street dogs in Thailand. In 2019, he and his partner Kristin started a nonprofit organization called the Soi Dog Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of street dogs in Thailand through rescue, medical care, and adoption. The organization also works to raise awareness about the mistreatment of dogs in the country and advocates for animal welfare laws.

Harbison and his team have rescued thousands of dogs since the foundation's inception and have provided them with medical care and a safe place to live. They also work to educate locals about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect.

In addition to his work with the Soi Dog Foundation, Harbison continues to be an active entrepreneur and writer. You can follow along with Niall through his writing on his substack, aptly titled "10,000 Dogs."

How might I apply his story to myself?

Niall's work with the Soi Dog Foundation teaches us several important lessons about giving back to others and recovery from addiction.

Firstly, Harbison's efforts to raise awareness about animal mistreatment have shown us the importance of education and advocacy in improving animal welfare. Through the Soi Dog Foundation, Niall has worked to educate local communities about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. His team has also advocated for stronger animal welfare laws in Thailand, including measures to prevent animal cruelty and improve the treatment of street dogs. The overarching message is simple. Compassion must be shown to all living creatures.

Secondly, Harbison's work with the Soi Dog Foundation demonstrates the power of action and persistence in making a difference. The foundation has rescued thousands of dogs since its inception, providing them with medical care and safe homes. Harbison's dedication and hard work have helped to create a culture of compassion and activism around animal welfare, inspiring others to get involved and make a difference. The message is the same to you. If you have a dream, and the will to pursue it, you can make your dream a reality. Niall is a wonderful example of what it looks like to heal and transform through action.

In addition to his work with animal welfare, Harbison has been open about his own struggles with addiction and has shared his story to inspire others who may be struggling. His journey to recovery offers important lessons about addiction and the path to recovery, and the role that service to others plays in it.

Writing, Interviews, and Presentations

You can follow along with Niall and his work in a few places:

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